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Counselling Service
​Who qualifies for this service?
Students qualify for this service if they:
- encounter personal crisis
- encounter difficulties adapting to the learning environment
- are designated according to the Ministry of Education behaviour criteria
- experience emotional, social, or behaviour concerns which significantly interfere with their ability to function appropriately at school
- experience mental health issues

Who provides the service?
Description of staff qualifications:
- certification from the BC College of Teachers
- a master’s degree in counselling psychology or a related discipline with a focus in counselling

How is the service provided?
Elementary counsellors may:
- provide short-term individual counselling addressing emotional, social, and/or behavioural concerns
- instruct small groups or classes on topics such as social skills, bullying, anger management
- serve as members of the School Critical Incidence Response Team (SCIRT)
- meet regularly as members of school-based teams to assist in problem solving and provide awareness of issues that may affect the academic and social/emotional development of students
- refer to and consult with community service providers
- consult with parents and school staff regarding student counselling needs and/or behaviour issues
- consult with district-based personnel
- collect behavioural information and perform initial behavioural screenings
- help develop and monitor Behaviour Support Plans (BPS)

Our Counselor at Rutland is Mrs. Coral Ghiglione
Office: 250-870-5126
Voicemail: 250-870-5000 and dialing extension 8471