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Traffic Safety

Parents, guardians, and those that drive vehicles to RLE to drop off or pick up students are asked to read the following traffic safety bulletins:

RLE Traffic Safety Bulletin 2.pdf

​To report an illegal and/or unsafe situation involving a vehicle on school property or on any public road near the school, please download the "School Traffic Incident Report" (Traffic Safety Report.pdf) and either scan to or fax to 250-870-5055.  The office will verify the form and forward to the School District/City of Kelowna Bylaw Officer or in serious cases, the RCMP.  Examples include:

  • illegal u-turns
  • speeding in a school zone
  • parking in front of a fire hydrant
  • vehicle stopping in the middle of the road to let children out
  • parking too close to a stop sign
  • parking in front of a driveway
  • incidents of road rage